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About Me

Initially, I started working on my own bikes because I didn't like waiting 2 weeks for annual maintenance. I bought a set of tools and started doing the work myself. To offset the costs of the tools, I started offering maintenance to my friends and neighbors. Fast forward to today, I offer my services for cheap bike maintenance and repair. It's not a first or even second career for me, I do it because I enjoy it and I'd rather see people out riding instead of inside because their bike doesn't work. It's not about the money for me, it's about supporting a sport that I throughly enjoy.

I stand behind all my work, and if something is not done right or you'd like your bike adjusted differently, I'll happily rework it at no cost. What's most important to me if that your bike is safe and comfortable for you to ride, and I'll do what it takes to get it there.

My VIsion

To provide a quick and inexpensive alternative to commercial bike shops for basic and intermediate-level bicycle repair. I especially want to provide a service to individuals and families that need simple mechanical repairs to improve the rideability of their bike, but taking it to a commercial bike shop would not make economical sense. For higher-end bikes, I offer a service with immediate scheduling, getting a bike race-ready a day or two before race day, not the week or two of commercial repair shops.

Services I Offer

Annual Tuneup - $35

Bring your bike back in to fully ridable condition. Deficiencies noted during annual tuneup will be discussed with you if components are worn/broken/missing. If additional minor repairs are needed, only the cost of the parts is additional (labor is already included in the tune up).

  • Check tires & inflate to correct psi

  • Check wheels are straight & tight

  • Check and adjust brakes

  • Check, clean, and adjust drivetrain/derailleurs

  • Check and lubricate chain

  • Check suspension and accessories

Full Detail - $50

This option is everything that is offered in the annual tuneup, plus a detailed, wheels-off cleaning. The rear sprocket is removed and completely degreased. Front chainrings and bottom bracket are thoroughly cleaned, but not removed unless absolutely necessary.

Everything Else

Flat rates to do simple repairs. Here are some common ones:

  • Flat Tire - $10

  • Stuck Slow Brake or Shifter - $10

  • Adjust Wobbling/Rubbing Wheel - $5

  • Install Chain - $10

Those are the repairs I see the most. If you'd like a quote on anything else, please contact me.

The labor rate for other repairs is $50/hr. This includes bike assembly/disassembly. I do not charge a shop fee for incidental costs. Parts are charged at cost rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Cyclists and racers! Need a checkup before the race but cant get into the pro shop? Reach out to me, for same day service at no extra charge!


I accept nearly every form of payment out there (cash, Venmo, credit card....sure, I'll even take a check). Credit card transactions are subject to a 2.9% transaction fee.

Veterans/First Responders: Take 25% off all Labor. Members of ELV, $5 off each bike. Infinite Multisport, $5 off each bike.

Repair Scheduling Notes

Please understand that this is not my full time job, nor is it even my second job. It's something I do on the side because I enjoy it. That poses some limitations that I have when compared to a commercial repair shop. First, I do not have standard business hours and I have no brick-and-mortar store for walk-ins. All my work is done on an appointment basis out of my garage. Second, I can't answer the phone at all times. If you do need to contact me, I recommend emailing me at emeraldcyclingrepair@gmail.com. I generally respond to emails within a few hours. Finally, because I'm not a fully equipped pro shop, there are some repairs I can not do. If we run into this, I will let you know ahead of time.

All of that being said, I generally try to complete bike repair in 24 hours from drop off. I do stock some common repair parts (tubes, cables, etc) to facilitate this goal. Most other repairs that I see need to order a part which might add a day or two. It is an unusual situation where it takes more than 3 days to complete a service. I generally can complete 3-6 bikes per week, depending on what commitments I have at the time. I ask for your patience and understanding if I might need to schedule you in the following week or later, depending on how many customers are in the queue.

If these sound like reasonable expectations, please use the sign up form below to get on my repair list. I will contact you within 24 hours (via email) to schedule dropoff.

Currently Scheduling for the week of:

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