Services Offered - 2024 pricing 

Annual Tuneup - $50

Not shifting correctly?  Chain causing noises?  Generally, a tune can fix the problem.  If its something more than a tune up, I'll discuss the issues with you and we can determine a plan of action to correct components that are worn/broken/missing.  

Full Detail - $100

This option is everything that is offered in the annual tuneup, plus a detailed, wheels-off cleaning. The rear sprocket is removed and completely degreased. Front chainrings and bottom bracket are removed and thoroughly cleaned.  

I do have a few additional charges for when things are beyond typical effort.

$25 extra for extremely dirty bikes

$25 extra for complex frames or wheels (often, full suspension bikes)

Beyond full detailing, I also can hand wax and polish frames.  Ask for a quote.

Everything Else

Flat rates to do common repairs. Here are some common repairs I see a lot.  These prices are out-the-door

Those are the repairs I see the most.  If you'd like a quote on anything else, please contact me.

The labor rate for other repairs is $75/hr. This includes bike assembly (most bikes in a box can be assembled in about a hour).  I do not charge a shop fee for incidental costs.  

About how much does it cost to....

I know when I'm looking for repair help (for say, my house), I like to search the internet to get an idea of how much it will cost me.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of people out there that list an idea of what it'll cost.  Even a ballpark.  I get it - so much depends on "it depends" it's hard to pin down a number in the blind, and my shop is no different.  But I'm going to do my best anyway - here's an idea of what I charge to do these common services on a typical bike.  Please note, every situation is unique and it might cost more or less for you specifically.   This is just to get an idea of the ballpark that I usually see:

Now offering wheel truing!  As spokes age, or get stressed by riding, they end up stretching.  Longer spokes upset the careful tuning of your wheel that allows it to roll perfect straight.  If you see a wobble in your wheel or tire, likely your wheel no longer rolls true (straight) and it is time to have it re-trued. 

Truing is a labor intensive process and is about finding balance in tension between all the spokes.  Wheel truing is done by the hour.  While each wheel is different and has unique needs for truing, I generally can true a wheel for $20-30.

Tubeless Tire Conversion!  Never get a flat tire again! (Ok, almost never).  If you're interested in hearing the benefits of tubeless, let's talk.  If your bike is already tubeless compatible but still running inner tubes, converting over does not take long and is fairly inexpensive (<$50)

Read about my experience when a tubeless tire saved my ride in my blog, here (29 October 2022).

Cyclists and racers! Need a checkup before the race but cant get into the pro shop?  Reach out to me for same day service at no extra charge!  If I can fit you in my schedule, I'll do it.  I know what it's like to need an emergency repair just before a race.